Paraplanning Services

The AdviceWrite team of employed paraplanners can prepare varying types of advice documents; such as a Statement of Advice (SoA), Statement of Further Advice (SoFA), Record of Advice (RoA), Strategy Paper or Presentation and we are proficient with all levels of complexity. We can create templates and work with advisers to customise their own advice document. Each document is checked before it is sent to you using our thorough internal checking process involving several sets of eyes and an extremely comprehensive review of quality and compliance.


We aim to produce the highest quality Statement of Advice in the market today and have tools and processes that allow us to manage high volumes of work while still maintaining turnaround times, quality and compliance.


The AdviceWrite Outsourced Paraplanning Process


  • Step 1: Submit

    We will need:

    • A fact find or software access containing the clients current details.
    • A strategy file note or the AdviceWrite Request Form outlining your advice, proposed products, insurance needs analysis and fees.
    • Client specific information on the products you are replacing to meet your Licensee requirements.
    • Your product quotes

    This information can be provided to us via our Online Submission Form or a direct email:

  • Step 2: Communicate

    We will communicate with you to:

    • Acknowledge the receipt and lodgement of your request into our workflow.
    • Address any queries or specific requests you raise in your submission.
    • Raise any questions we may have following full review of your submitted information.
    • Position any strategy optimisation suggestions for your consideration.

    The above communication is usually achieved with two - three succinct emails or phone calls from us.

  • Step 3: Receive

    Receive your document:

    • Completed as per your preferences.
    • Highlighting the value of your advice.
    • Meeting your compliance requirements.
    • In Word format with all associated attachments.
    • Delivered within the agreed time frame.

    Please remember that the adviser is the one ultimately responsible for the advice document so it should be checked thoroughly before presenting.

Paraplanning you can count on!

We understand that your time is valuable so we have focused our business model on saving you time whilst not forsaking your professionalism and reputation.

The way we see it is the more time you have available to provide quality service to your clients and grow your business, the more SOAs we can prepare for you. Thus, our businesses can grow together!


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  • Online Submission

    You can lodge a quick paraplanning request online via the below submission form.

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